Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm Back!

Ok, so I have a feeling that this blog will bounce between English and Portuguese posts. Not in any particular order but more dependent on the mood I'm in. Right now for example, I am exhausted!I had class and later work today and this evening I have been making dinner for the weekend and also studying for tomorrow's biology exam. The thought of writing a blog in Portuguese tonight is almost painful. I guess some topics are just easier for me to write and express myself in English. I also think that my English grammar is better. Not that I claim to have great English grammar, but the Portuguese one has many more rules and details that just take to long to accomplish using my keyboard. I normally have to write the Port. post on a word doc and then copy & paste it onto here (since I can easily add accents in Word). So yeah, my blog will be "like a boxf never know what you're going to get".

As I mentioned before, I was cooking this evening. I decided to make lasagna because I will be leaving for a work conference tomorrow and will be gone until Sunday. This way, Lucas can have something that is ready to eat as a choice for dinner. There are other easy to make stuff in the freezer and I sincerely hope he doesn't eat lasagna 3 nights in a row!

I was telling my coworkers how much easier it is for me to go to the conference this year. Last year was my first time and Gaby was only one. I hurt so much to leave her for over 24 hours! Thankfully Lucas drove down to Long Branch and stayed over family friends on Saturday and I was able to sleep over there with them instead of at the hotel that one night. This year though, I know I'll miss her but it's not as overwhelming. She can speak very well and let her wants be known. I'm also no longer nursing and that makes a huge difference! I remember having to pump at the hotel lol

So today I bonded with Gabs over dinner preparation. From time to time she insists on giving me a hand which normally just means helping mommy make a bigger mess than usual :-) I've noticed she is especially fond of garlic. It was one of the first few words she learned in the kitchen. She normally just sits in her booster seat and plays with them as I peel. Today, however, she was determined to really help. She actually peeled 5 cloves all on her own! It was s o adorable! Each day I am amazed at how muh she is growing, she is such a girl now! It's also amazing, and equally scary, how much she takes after me lol

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