Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Ok, so I started taking general biology at a community college. I took the class at Rutgers about 7 years ago but I am amazed at how different it is to take it at a small school. The Rutgers class had about 400 students in the lecture hall and the class I'm in now has about 30 students. The direct interaction with the professor is really making a difference in my in-classroom learning experience. Overall I am enjoying this time around. I guess, since it's the only textbook I have to pickup, everything is a lot more interesting now.

Taking a class while working fulltime and being a parent is definitely hectic. I am thankful that my job allows some flexibility and I am not stuck taking a night one. If I had to be in school from 6:40-9:40pm I would be passed out! At 8:30 in the morning I am able to retain a lot more information because I am wide a wake.

I got my first exam back yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that I got all the questions correct. I was expecting to do well, since I had studied, but I did not foresee the 100%.

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