Saturday, February 13, 2010

Breaking into Song and Dance

One thing that I notice about Gabs is that she is always singing and dancing. If there is any music playing, she will dance to her heart's content! It's really cute because now she will try to sing along to songs she's never even heard before. She does it by repeating the last couple of words in each line. It's adorable! The interesting thing is that, she doesn't really even need a song. At least a couple of times a day, I will be doing something in the kitchen and I'll turn around to find her dancing to her own tune. She will make up songs about anything around her.

The place she sings the most is in her bathtub. On most nights I let her play in there for a few minutes before I actually get down to bathing her. If I have been with her all day I'll normally just read a book or sit with the laptop while she entertains herself. If I've been working all day, then I try to interact with her the whole time. Anyway, I am always amused by the songs she makes up as she plays with her toys. She loves bubbles! So somewhere in her singing, she'll talk about them.

I am not around a lot of other kids her age, so I'm not sure how common this is for a two-year old. I would assume that it is. Kids have an amazing ability to entertain themselves. They are never bored! And those of us privileged enough to be around one are never bored either, we just have to observed them enough and we always catch them doing or saying something funny/cute/impressive. Who says we can't learn from kids? I'm taking a lesson from my daughter and breaking into song & dance :-)

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Crissy K said...

Lol, I know funny right? I started it to keep track of the makeup learnings/tips from Sephora. But now that I'm done with that episode of life, I've been thinking of closing it down and starting a new one about rediscovering old joys/hobbies. With the hope of doing something different everyday. I need to really think about what I will title it since it will be a lot more eclectic than the current one :)