Monday, September 22, 2008

It's a small world after all, it's a small...

Last Saturday I went to a wedding with my friend Jennifer. It was funny how the whole thing started. About 2 weeks before the wedding , I was hanging out at Jen's place talking about work. I mentioned my co-worker Karena and this is how the conversation progressed:

Jen: Karena King?
me: What?! You know her? How?
Jen: I met her through my friend, the one who's getting married next month
(a while back, Jen had told me about a wedding she was going to)
me: Keilynn is the friend who's getting married?"
Jen: You know Keilynn?!
me: no, but Karena is constantly talking about the wedding!
Jen: Yeah! She's the maid of honor!
me: OMG! I know!

For the rest of the evening we couldn't get over it. What a small world! A couple of months before, I had made plans with Jen to go to the Portuguese Festival in the Ironbound. That Friday, I remember mentioning that to Karena & she said that she was thinking about going with her friends. Little did we know, we were talking about the same group of people. In the end it didn't work out for me because Gaby was not feeling too well & Karena ended up not going either. But Jen & Keilynn did go. Had it all worked out, we would have had quite a surprise! For four months I had been sharing the office with Karena, not knowing that she knew my friend.

So yeah, that's how I got invited to the wedding. I was Jen's d The wedding was in Galloway, nj, about 15 minutes from Atlantic City. Although the drive was long, h ad a good time. The wedding was beautiful & the food was great. I met some interesting people, like Frank Villafañe, the bride's stepfather & Latin Ja zz pianist. I had heard him & his salsa band perform at Nova Terra...goes to show how small the world really is.
Flamenco dancers performing at the wedding.

Gaby stayed with my mom because Lucas had work. It was the first time I was away from her for so many hours during the night. I missed her so much! I called practically every hour, wanting to know play by play what had happened since my last call. It's not like I don't trust my parents, they are great with her. I don't know. Everytime I thought of her I wanted to call & & tried to restrain myself as much as I could. Jen thought it was guilt. Since I hadn't really been out without Gaby since her birth, I was feeling bad for leaving her. I guess it kinda makes sense.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nine Months!

Today Gabs turned nine months old. Nine months!! I can't believe how quickly she's growing! I don't think it'll be long before she takes her first solo step. For the last couple of month, she's been able pull herself up to a stand while holding on to things and now (pics below) she stands on her own for a few seconds before falling on her butt.

When ever she hears music, Gaby dances by moving her arms & clapping (when sitting) or bendng her knees (when standing). It's the cutest thing! She' fascinated by the optimum triple play Reggaeton She'll stop whatever she's doing to look at the TV & clap.

Her new favorite foods are cheese & yogurt (she loves them!). She knows to slap the palm of my hand when I say "give me five" (although she never hits my hand only once :) and she points to my nose when I ask "Cadê o nariz da mamãe?" (where's mommy's nose?). She says "mãe" when she cries and "boo" when she wants to be breastfed.
One of the biggest changes that we've noticed is the separation anxiety. I work full time so I drop her off at the sitter at 9am & pick her up at 5pm. She never cries when I drop her off, I usually breastfeed her and get her ready for morning nap. She willingly goes into the arms of the sitter, whom my family affectionately calls " vó" (grandma). This is a great thing because if she cried in the morning, I'd be too heartbroken to leave. However, the afternoon is a whole different story. The second she sees me I have to pick her. In the past, I was able to at least go to the sink to wash my hands. Now, she'll get histerical! Instead, I keep the hand sanitizer in the car and just use that. After I pick her up, she refuses to be held by anyone else but me. Although this can be a little problematic, I've noticed a little boost in my "mommy ego".

Friday, September 19, 2008

So who is she?

Gaby is my beautiful little girl. She was born on December 21, 2007, and has since brought unsurpassable joy into our lives. She is my treasure! I am thankful for the precious gift of motherhood, and through the trials that come hand-in-hand with it, I pray that I always remember how truly blessed I am. Gaby (yes, I spell it w/one b), is the happiest baby I have ever met. She is very active, always attentive to everything around her. No matter where we are, people always stop to interact with her. She LOVES the attention! She squeals in delight & flashes her "tongue sticking out" smile :-) She's definetely a people person.


After much debating I have decided to give the blogging thing a try again, but this time in English. This gives me an opportunity to share the joy of bringing up Gaby with family & friends :)