Friday, September 19, 2008

So who is she?

Gaby is my beautiful little girl. She was born on December 21, 2007, and has since brought unsurpassable joy into our lives. She is my treasure! I am thankful for the precious gift of motherhood, and through the trials that come hand-in-hand with it, I pray that I always remember how truly blessed I am. Gaby (yes, I spell it w/one b), is the happiest baby I have ever met. She is very active, always attentive to everything around her. No matter where we are, people always stop to interact with her. She LOVES the attention! She squeals in delight & flashes her "tongue sticking out" smile :-) She's definetely a people person.


Crissy K said...

I love it! Great blog :) I'm excited to see you are so happy. And I can definitely say you are an excellent parent. Gaby is amazingly smart, friendly and good natured. You know this means you will be getting like twenty calls a day when I get pregnant :)

pri said...

Does this mean you are thinking about getting pregnant soon?! C'mon! Give me the scoop!