Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloween: to be or not to be... a part of its festivities?

It is October first and Halloween is right around the corner. For most American, whether or not to participate in Halloween tradition is not even a question. I however, only dressed up & went Trick or Treating once. I was seven years-old & had just move to the US from Brazil in April of that year. My cousin & dressed as witches, my little brother was a pumpkin. That afternoon, my aunt took us out. We walked around stopping at stores/homes along the way, collecting candy & other goodies. In Brazil we do not have Halloween, and I still remember my amazement with the holiday. The art projects, the costumes...even School was so much fun that week! A national day of free candy & fun, what a marvelous idea! "They should have this everywhere!", I thought. When we returned home, my mother said she had been listening to the Spanish christian radio station & that she had heard a very long sermon about the evils of Halloween. Out of genuine concern for our souls, my mom decided it was not a good idea to celebrate the holiday and that was the end of it for my brother & I (my aunt thought it was ridiculous to spoil an innocent day &

continued to allow my cousin to participate). For the next few years I resented the fact that I was the only person in my class who could not get involved with anything that had to do with this day. And every 31st of October I was allowed to miss school. I can't remember exactly when I embraced the non-practice of Halloween as my own, but eventually I did. Once that happened, not only did it not bother me to not practice it, I felt proud to make a public statement of my beliefs. Now, almost 20 years later, Halloween is once again haunting me.

Six years ago, it would have never crossed my mind to involve my child in Halloween. Since then, I have questioned many of my beliefs (this being one of them) and have struggled with finding a balance for my life. I still consider myself a Christian. Most Christians I know probably would not, but I still do. When it comes it this, I almost feel like putting the issue on a shelf until Gaby is old enough to make the decision for herself. That means I would have to resist the temptation to dress her up! What scrap booking mom would not want to see her cutie patootie as a lady bug, bunny or a little lamb?

I have been trying so hard to step away from all the superstition that comes along with religion & I feel that this would be a great opportunity to do so. I also know that not only would I have to overcome years of mental programming & subconscious fear-based beliefs. I know I will also be confronted by my mother on this topic.

At Karena's suggestion, I will research the origins & practice of Halloween, so I can be better informed when making my decision. I would appreciate your comment & personal stand on the matter. TIA!


Kathy said...

Hi Priscilla,

From a Christian perspective, I would not do it. That's just my view. When in doubt, it's better to be safe. The Bible is very clear about witchcraft and things that celebrate darkness. From what I understand, the holiday has a pagan origin. That's my two cents:-)

~ Kathy

ludimilla said...


Sou crente e nao acho que tem nada a ver. Eh um dia inocente de alegria. As pessoas que praticam bruxaria neste dia eh problema deles. Nao importa o que eles fazem ou como surgio, o que importa eh o que vc faz, porque, e tambem o que esse dia eh nos tampos de hoje. Nao vale a pena viver no medo. Claro, se sua conciencia for ficar pesada por festejar, tambem nao vale a pena. ah! nao podemos esquecer que o maior holiday cristao tambem tem origem pag√£!

beijao amiga,

Juci said...

No Brasil nao temos este problema pois nao existe esta tradicao. Acredito que a grande maioria das pessoas que festejam nao tem maldade no coracao. Maaaas o fato eh que existe um significado negro e de maldade por detras de tudo isso, entao prefiro nao me envolver nem de brincadeira. Jamais incentivaria ou permitiria meus filhos participarem de Halloween.

Anonymous said...

So pra complementar... e nao precisa ser cristao pra discernir o que eh mal do que eh bom. Bruxa, vampiro, fantasma, essas mascaras de faca enfiada na cabeca, e etc, nao sao da luz e nem geram paz.